Highest Quality Carbon Filter + New Coating from Swiss HeiQ

Scough is better because...

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Every 90 days, your Scough filter should be replaced as it is all filled up with particles.  Subscribe today to receive a new filter every 90 days!


Every Scough product is designed for comfort and easy with an easy to wear barrier that provides physical and electrostatic defense against unwanted particles. 


Breathable, lightweight, fresh cool air- that's the feeling you get behind the Scough multi-layer design. The unique design with an elastic loop around the nape of your neck allows a secure, comfortable yet snug fit.

Machine Washable

Scough's outer layer (bandana) can be washed - just make sure to remove the filter beforehand. Hand wash the removable carbon filter with unscented washing soda and air dry.

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In 2013, we had a simple mission - can you wear a scarf or bandana during your commute, or flight that looks fashionable. Our design of a bandana with a high quality filter helped block air pollution and particles. We thank you for all those who have supported us from our early hand-made Brooklyn days to what is now a worldwide logistical effort to supply thousands.

In 2020, the reason for wearing a face covering has become an important discussion. Along the we've made some science-y and stylish updates to our design with new and improved properties that we know make Scough the best thing to wear. While we hit the lab, go out and enjoy yourself - we'll be the hypochondriacs so you don't have to anymore. 

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