Research to clear your lungs

Protective clothing and a rallying cry

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Scough exists to help protect against industrial pollutants, tear gas, flu bugs and allergens.

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How does it work?

Activated carbon

Activated carbon prepared in our patent-pending approach is the key to filtering out environmental toxins and killing viruses.

Every Scough protects on 3 fronts


The secret is its high degree of microporosity, just one gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 500 m2 for trapping sneeze fragments and pollution.


The structure of activated carbon creates strong Van Der Waals forces, pulls in pollution, germs and viruses to hold them in their crevices and neutralize them.


Advanced silver nanoparticle impregnated filtration disrupts the biochemistry of bacteria, causing their cell’s membranes to collapse and rendering them unable to wreak havoc on your body.


Active carbon filter in pocket


Don’t wear a mask—wear a Scough

How to style it

Express yourself while you protect yourself

Positioning the two stage filter correctly is vital for maximising effectiveness. The newly redesigned neck loop allows for spot on filter placement on the nose and mouth.

Here are the basics for wearing your Scough:


1 Snap neck loop behind neck

Elastic neck loop guarantees easy accurate filter placement so you’re always getting a filtered breath.


2 Move filter into position over nose

Pinch the embedded nose krimp to set yourself up with the best seal possible.


3 Wrap ends over either shoulder

Adjust for fit and tightness by passing the top edge of the Scough round to the back of the head.

The story of Scough

Fighting rising levels of pollution from a different angle

We started Scough three years ago as an investigation into how we might use an incredible technology—industrial-grade woven carbon filters—to help keep families healthy and bring awareness to flu and pollution issues.

Since then the world has changed. So we’re changing too.


This is the age of dystopian couture

We’re relaunching our product and brand with a renewed focus on research and development and a heavy responsibility. Air pollution and climate change cause a lot of human suffering. Seriously, lots of people DIE from it. And the politics of filthy air are dark and intertwined with the messy new rise of totalitarianism, racism, fascism, plus several more words with ism that make people behave poorly.

However, we’re optimists and we’re going to continue to rage against humanity’s natural state xenophobia and fear to make the world more peaceful one day at a time.


When your air is as dirty as your politics

We fight pollution, smog, tear gas and/or anything else that gets in the way of big, easy breaths. Our main offerings are scarves and bandanas that are made to hold the highest quality active carbon filters on the planet. We focus on a secure and thoughtful design that makes it a joy to wear. Because if you aren’t wearing it, it can’t work.

We test our product in an independent lab. But we know we’re not perfect. We’re not a respirator but most of our customers don’t want that. They want to look great and make a statement about how they want the world around them to function—clear air and the freedom to gulp it down.


Fashion’s fury fight’s back

Yes, we’re still just a garment you buy and wear—not a magic bullet—BUT we will try our best to make Scough part of a toolset to reduce suffering from gross air, whether you go out and protest or just wear as fashionable way to keep your friends from getting sick.

We promise to spend our resources on research and development of materials that are more effective and cost less to keep you safe. We’re also excited to partner with others who make a difference. We are social entrepreneurs and we’re doing our best to enshrine these values in our corporate charter and remind us that if we make money, but little more, we haven’t done much of anything.