Advanced playa protection hidden in your bandana

"I don't want to wear a surgical mask. I need more than just a bandana. So I bought a Scough".

  • Over 99% bacterial filtration efficiency

  • Advanced activated carbon

  • Lab tested

  • Blocks dust, pollution, pollen, and odors.

Protect yourself from playa dust. 

Scough is a barrier that protects the wearers from millions of years of accumulated alkali lake bed dust of Black Rock City.

Made from the same materials in a bio defense suits. The Scough bandana hides an advanced, activated carbon filter impregnated with silver to trap, neutralize and kill bacteria, viruses, germs and pollution. 

Praised by emergency room doctors, public health physicians, the immuno-suppressed and people who like to let it all hang out.

What our customers are saying:

" I LOVE it!!"
- Ana, Glasgow, Scotland
"I just used my scough for the first time today and I LOVE it! I breathed easier all day, and it keeps my face warm in this weather! Thanks for creating such a great product :D"
 - Heather, New York, NY
"I am a meningitis survivor, I have to give you a BIG hats off for this invention. I have been wrapping myself up on planes for years because of the germs and I would like to personally thank you for inventing this. Genius."
- Angela, North Haven, CT

* Offer ONLY valid when you sign up for filter subscription along with your purchase. MUST remain signed up for filter subscription for one calendar year from date of original purchase. Early terminations are subject to a cancellation fee of the discount received.