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Paisley Bandana with HeiQ Coating

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Multi-layered with Advanced Breathability

Machine Washable & Reusable

It started in 2012 with a mission to give you and your family an easy way to breathe with more air pollution, fires and smog. Brooklyn, NY

In 2020
: Scough upgraded with cutting edge technology and design thinking to make it the pinnacle achievement of Science & Style.

Critical to Purchase: When explaining to your friends why you are a super genius for buying Scough, which is the greatest decision in the world. We have provided the information below. It's going to feel like winning the all-in hand at Poker. 

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"Thanks Scough! We biked with our mask for the whole 8 miles. Got a little sweaty, but the other members of our tour couldn't keep their masks on. We felt fortunate to have our Scoughs with us."

Rian A.

Review From Instagram

This bandanna mask is from @wearascough a Brooklyn based company. I bought it because I wanted something light and breathable for summer time. The bandana mask features a pocket for a replaceable charcoal filter (one comes with the mask and I will need to replace it in 90 days). This mask is SO comfortable on hot and humid days. It doesn’t fog up my glasses, and it is much easier to breathe in. I like wearing it a lot as the temperature continues to climb, especially when I’m doing strenuous exercise outside.

Alexandra M.

Review From Instagram

"A simple trip to the grocery store has become quite the ordeal.  Boy did I take the little things for granted.  Thank you @wearascough - never knew how much I'd need you! #WashYourHands #LauraLikes

Laura Evans

@Lauraevensmedia Twitter
Fox News Anchor

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What Makes Scough Unique?

Adjustable Elastic Strap

For Secure Fit

Each Scarf Scough has an adjustable strap that wraps around the nape of your neck and can be adjusted to fit any size.  This feature makes it secure for all day wear and makes sure it stays snug to your face to keep particles out and fresh air in.

Breathable Design

For Any Activity

Whether you are walking, running, grocery shopping or waiting at the doctor's office, the Scough is incredibly breathable while still featuring an impactful multi-layered design.


In Every Scough Filter & Bandana

HeiQ is the brand for an innovative Swiss antimicrobial technology which makes treated textiles resistant against the degradation by microorganisms and inhibits the growth of odors. It is added to the fabric during the final stage of the textile manufacturing process. read more

Easy to Wear

As a Bandana or Face Covering

Our unique design makes it easy to transform from mask to scarf whenever social distancing, gets a little too social.  Just pull the scarf over your nose and press the nose crimp for a secure fit.

Nose Crimp

For Anti-Fog Lenses

Scough filters have a bendable nose-crimp to adhere to your face and keep a tight fit.  This works great for glasses and keeps the design anti-fogging.

Order An Extra Protective Filter

One Protective Filter is included with every SCOUGH Scarf or Bandana Purchase

One Protective Barrier ( Lasts 3 Months)
One Protective Barrier ( Lasts 3 Months)
One Protective Barrier ( Lasts 3 Months)
One Protective Barrier ( Lasts 3 Months)
One Protective Barrier ( Lasts 3 Months)
One Protective Barrier ( Lasts 3 Months)

One Protective Barrier ( Lasts 3 Months)

$ 12.00

Shipping Update: We now ship next day! 

State of the art of science for you
• Advanced physical & electrostatic barrier to particles
• 4 Layers - Stitched & Inspected
• Layer 1 is 100% Cotton with...
• Military Grade Activated Carbon - largest surface area for capture 
• Meltblown Mesh (0.3 Micron) + Non-Woven Propylene
• Best-in-Class materials sourced from Europe: UK / Switzerland
• Adjustable metallic nose clip inside for the perfect fit
• 90 days: Effective for this period with the proper care and love
• Scough can protect itself from the damage, decay, discoloration of mold, mildew, fungus, and odor-causing bacteria.
• micron particle filtration rate
• Designed in Brooklyn / Shipped from NY / Currently made in India

Proud to have supported those since 2012 who need it most to tackle the issues of air pollution, and wildfires. 


What happens next: Every two to three months your barrier will fill up with the car all the particles that you luckily, did not inhale. You're going to want a new one. 

Active carbon works by adsorbing (yes, with a “d”) particles into its massively porous structure. Did you know a teaspoon of our active carbon has about as much surface area as a whole football field? When carbon is heated to ludicrous temperatures, it forms a ferocious number of little nooks and crannies that through the magic--err--SCIENCE of van der waals forces capture and neutralize particulate matter.

Our barrier integrates seamlessly into a Scough garment and can not be used as a stand-alone product.


Disclaimer: Antimicrobial properties built-in to protect the product. Product does not protect users or others against pathogens. Always clean the product thoroughly after each use. 

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