SCOUGH Replacement Filters

$ 20.00

Scough Filter Subscription plans:

"START NOW" plan:
If you already have a Scough and are ready for your subscription to start immediately, select the "START NOW" plan.

"START IN 90 DAYS" plan:
This plan can be purchased along with one of our Scough scarves or bandanas. Since each Scough comes with one filter your subscription plan will start in 90 days.

Subscription plan details:

- Automatically receive one fresh new Scough activated carbon filter with silver every 90 days.
- Save 25% + Free shipping.
- You will be automatically billed $15 every 90 days (that's just $5 a month).
- Convenience and protection delivered to your door.

Product details:
  • One Scough activated carbon replacement filter with silver for maximum funk killing power.
  • Fits all Scough styles.
  • Adjustable nose piece for a snugger fit.
  • Earloops to help hold your Scough in place.
  • Filter lasts 3 months if stored in a plastic resealable bag when not in use.
  • Pattern/color of filter will be selected randomly at time of shipment based on availability.

PLEASE NOTE:  The filter is intended for use inside the pocket of a Scough scarf or bandana. It is not designed to fit as a stand alone mask.