Filter Subscription - Ships Every 90 Days

Filter Subscription - Ships Every 90 Days

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Subscribe now and breathe free all year.

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Why should you get a subscription? 

Every two to three months your filter will fill up with the car exhaust, smog, tear gas, and dust that you, luckily, did not inhale. If you don’t want a filthy mouth--and having filthy a mouth should be your personal effing choice--you need new filters.

So we offer a subscription because you asked us for an easier way to make sure filters were on hand and at the ready. The pipes stay clean!


A little more...

Active carbon works by adsorbing (yes, with a “d”) particles into its massively porous structure. Did you know a teaspoon of our active carbon has about as much surface area as a whole football field? When carbon is heated to ludicrous temperatures is forms an ferocious number of little nooks and crannies that through the magic--err--SCIENCE of van der waals forces capture and neutralize particulate matter.

How to wear your Scough

How to wear your Scough How to wear your Scough

Wash and Care instructions

Remove Scough activated carbon filter before washing.
Hand wash, never use bleach, do not wring, hang to dry.

Wash and Care instructions